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For many individuals and small business owners in Brampton, preparing income tax returns can seem like an intimidating process. Due the evolving landscape of tax law as well as the complex tax situations that may arise throughout a year, appropriately completing and filing a return can be a task that leads to more questions than answers. Even with relatively uncomplicated returns, you could potentially miss out on opportunities for additional deductions and credits. As an experienced tax professional, Neno Vukosa Professional Corporation offers preparation services that identify and capitalize on beneficial tax situations while ensuring these returns comply with current regulations.

The Advantages of Professional Tax Help

The thorough approach Neno Vukosa Professional Corporation takes with your tax return includes:

Meticulous Review – To ensure it stands up to the scrutiny of the CRA, our staff combs through each return, using professional software to double-check our findings.

Electronic Filing – E-filing ensures your return is processed faster. For eligible clients, this can mean getting your refund sooner.

Identifying Opportunities – In addition to maximizing the current year’s return, Neno Vukosa Professional Corporation will advise you on taking advantage of deductions and long-term plans that may reduce your tax liability in the future.

Our Brampton tax professionals have a wealth of experience in handling the majority of tax preparation situations, including federal and multiple businesses returns. Neno Vukosa Professional Corporation can also provide guidance for accurate completion and separate submission of the tax forms required business entities such as partnerships or limited liability companies (LLCs). We help our clients manage the intricacies involved with trusts, payroll, information returns, gifts, and foreign taxes.

Preparation Assistance for Small Businesses

When it comes time to file taxes, some Brampton small business owners may discover that they haven’t kept up with their bookkeeping for the year. Neno Vukosa Professional Corporation works with owners to prepare financial records to report for the current year as well as set up a straightforward system for keeping books up-to-date. 

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